Sunday, June 01, 2008


Turn Around
'Turn Around (DEMO)', BXXX (featuring Bronques)

I thought my love for the scene was enough
I never thought that I would be fucked up
But it happened finally, in spite of me
I wish that you would have never said "hi" to me
'Cause now i'm fucked
(Turn Around) And all i ever wanna do is take your picture
You totally eclipse everybody that is with you
(Turn Around) I want you on my memory card
But you're playing hard
You're breaking my heart

I can't take pictures anymore
I don't wanna tour
I don't wanna stay out till four
Taking pictures in bathrooms of bitches with tattoos
I've become a cartoon and I'm done with that life too
I wanna settle down and only take pictures of you
You hate photographers but all us motherfuckers love you
But I ain't paparazzi in search of an exclusive
I'm in love
Even if you are elusive

You keep saying that you ain't photogenic
That the camera puts you in a panic
I bet you I can turn that around
I bet you I can make you like your picture deep down
Those other camera slingers with their itchy trigger fingers
They don't really care what beauties they disfigure
They're just taking pictures for a blog
Me? When I look at you I see God

dedicated to you know who you are

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